Use Vidyard for:

Facilitate communication with prospects, customers, and teams by recording and sharing mainly screen-captured based videos

Massive marketing & sales campaigns

Internal communication based on fully edited videos

Demos and meetings in an asynchronous way

Use MoonBack for:

Engage customers, colleagues and fans by recording and sharing MoonBacks: super-real, exclusive and short videos where people are the protagonists.

One-to-one & one-to-group marketing and sale use cases

Boost customer and employee experience through naturalness and authenticity

Save (most of) your reporting and decision making meetings

  System requirements  


Google Chrome Extension required

Native app for desktop & mobile required


No installations or apps required

Compatible with any web browser & device

Optional Google Chrome Extension available

Why it is important

In a corporate environment, the installation of any type of app on a device...

Requires coordination with the IT team

Compliance processes are stricter

Project management is more complex

Implementation is much slower

Authorized browsers and devices may not be supported

  Maximum recording time  


Free: up to 30 minutes

Pro: up to 20Gb of video


Up to 83 seconds

Why it is important

People don’t have time

The engagement rate of any video drops exponentially after two minutes

Having a time limit requires working the message and focusing it on what your audience needs.

  FX & Video editing  


Video editing

Virtual background (using Zoom)

Screen capture


No filters, effects or edition allowed

No virtual backgrounds

No screen capture

Why it is important

A one-shot video is more agile, natural and authentic

Naturalness helps to create a more trusting relationships

Virtual backgrounds mislead and may generate mistrust in some recipients

You should be the protagonist and not your screen when it comes to connect

  Call to actions  


Only one CTA per page

Only one post-video CTA


Unlimited CTAs per MoonBack

Links are automatically converted to fully customizable buttons with no configuration required

Some of the actions are displayed within the MoonBack view page.

Why it is important

Any message should include CTAs

Multiple CTAs per message add flexibility and conversion power

  Custom domain  


Not supported


Your own domain

Custom account name

Custom MoonBack URL name

Why it is important

A fully personalized URL generates more security, trust and increases opening and playback rates

More and more services such as LinkedIn and Outlook are requesting double authorization by displaying the full URL



Text-based public replies, comments and feedback


MoonBack-based replies

Without the need for registration or applications and from any device

Text-based replies through any linked channel

Why it is important

There is no true communication if we do not make it easy for the recipient to interact with us.

Limiting the format and type of replies does not balance communication between the parties.

  Notifications, interaction log & KPIs  


Email notifications

Basic interaction log and reports per video

Team performance dashboard


Custom notifications via email, webpush, slack, teams, telegram, AWS…

+40 interaction events per MoonBack registered in real-time

Nearly a hundred different metrics and improvement tips to boost your performance

Corporate scorecard and reports with multi-level admins

Why it is important

If you don't know what happens to your videos in real time, most use cases are useless.

KPIs are key to measure the performance of your campaigns and team.

KPIs help you detect best practices that your entire company can benefit from.

  Identification of unique visitors  


CRM integration required

Email required before sharing the video


Secure identification available via your own private ID, MoonBack internal visitor ID and OAuth ID

No CRM integration required… but supported without private info concerned

No email captured

Why it is important

Sharing with a 3rd party private information about your contacts…

Limits applications and uses cases

Seriously affects security compliance

  Reporting & decision making  


Isolated screen capture focused video per participant

Unlimited time


Save (most of) the reporting and decision making meetings

Based on asynchronous MoonBacks: super real, exclusive and short videos

All participants’ MoonBack in a single page (public, private, moderated)

AI generated one-page logbook to discover at a glance each participant’s main insight

Why it is important

People celebrate many more meetings than necessary

Many more people than those involved are invited to participate.

Bring people together in a meeting is so expensive

Taking out the key ideas of each participant and the conclusions requires writing minutes, it is complex and people do not read them.

  Link videos to Salesforce objects  


Native integrations required


Supported by MoonBack Chrome Extension (option preferred and used by Salesforce SDRs & BDRs)

Native integration available too

Why it is important

Native integrations are powerful but expensive and slow to implement


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