Your page will be exclusive for that customer.

Your MoonBacks can be launched exactly where your recipients are, even to your web page!

The dock will be silently waiting for MoonBacks.

It is a code that you only have to place once on your page(s) and it is harmless, as it is waiting for you to invoke that page with a MoonBack.

Place it in as many places as you wish

And you have to paste the Smart Dock small code once. No technical skills.

Finally the web becomes
  exclusive  for each one.

How the magic works

Imagine you have this website
and you insert (remember,   only once)
the Smart Dock piece of code.

Yes!, you can install Smart Dock
in the common header of your website,
so it will be available on all pages ;-)

Launch MoonBack via your Smart Dock,
and you'll get the unique URL
for that   exclusive customer
or group of customers.

When this user visits that exclusive page,
he will discover a little surprise.

Where you placed the Smart Dock code,
the MoonBack will appear.

Imagine the
  WoW effect  

Your customer will think that you made that page exclusively for him, because a the MoonBack is exclusive for that person.

MoonBack embedded in a web page, the WoW effect is multiplied.