No need for installations or apps

100% compatible with any web browser & device.
Even record from the tools you already use.


Two-way communication without sign-up

One click and your recipients can reply with a MoonBack.
Without the need for registration or applications!


Spread everywhere, engage in one place

Multiply the number of fan interactions and the time spent by joining in a single place your communities now isolated by channel.


MoonBack Live Show!

Turn any MoonBack view webpage into an interactive portal to show that MoonBack and their responses.
Take the most of a live moderated display for streaming, TV & OTT.


Real-time interactions capture

Nearly a hundred different metrics and improvement tips to boost your performance.
Even aggregating all your visitor’s interactions without storing any mail.


Your MoonBacks, your data… not Instagram’s or TikTok’s

Gather in one place all your recipients data regardless of the physical & virtual channels where you launch your MoonBacks.


Unlimited Smart Actions

Polls, surveys, meetings, docs, click-to-buy... Add any URL and we will automatically convert it into a call to action button without shifting the attention from you and your MoonBack.


100% white label

Use your own domain, logos, QR-codes, show, TV & OTT layouts.


Enterprise command post

Manage accounts and group them by team, area, department, company...
Quickly access and compare KPIs and stats for each account.


No need to integrate with anything but integrates with everything

No personal data is required to MoonBack (no CRM syncs).
But you can take the most of MoonBack as a Service, API, Webhooks, Chrome extension and our native integrations with Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot...


Transcription & Translation IA Services

Reach anybody out all over the world automatically transcribing and translating subtitles into 36 different languages.


New incomes without fees

Monetise any MoonBack or obtain donations using your own NFT, FTO, wallet, jar or payment gateway.