Luckily not. All you need to start getting WOWs with MoonBack is your device and your favorite browser. To get WOWs and to get replies!

That's why MoonBack is compatible with 99.9% of browsers even in their mobile versions:
- Google Chrome: Windows + MacOSX + Ubuntu + Android
- Firefox: Windows + MacOSX + Ubuntu + Android
- Opera: Windows + MacOSX + Ubuntu + Android
- Edge: Windows (7 or 8 or 10) and MacOSX
- Safari: MacOSX + iOS (iphone/ipad)

No, not at all. You can send your MoonBack to the recipient or recipients you want, through the most appropriate channel. They will be able to open it, play it and reply with a new MoonBack without installing any application or providing any personal data.

Yes, of course, but we will not group that communication in the form of a message thread.

The reason is very simple. MoonBack is not a new communication channel. MoonBack is a new relationship model where what matters is the message and not how it reaches its destination.

If you want to exchange several messages with the same person in a short space of time you have many options out there.

If you want to get closer than ever to the people you care about and get a WOW… Then MoonBack them!

Of course. Keep in mind that a MoonBack is exclusive.

And that’s something you can achieve whether you dedicate it to a specific person or to a group with common needs.

MoonBack does not need to manage or store any personal data of your recipients..

MoonBack is a new way to interact with the people you care about the most, but always through existing communication channels (WhatsApp, email, LinkedIn, SMS...). That's why we don't need any data from your recipients. You are the owner of your customers and their data. We just help you with the rest.

Loom’s goal is to avoid meetings, MoonBack’s to get them.

Well, MooonBack’s goal is to get meetings, build unique relationships and make them convert.

So, why use something designed to avoid meetings if your goal is to get them?

By the way, you can’t imagine how well they avoid those meetings when it comes to collaboration between delocalized teams.

Both solutions have different purposes and that is why some people use Loom and MoonBack at the same time.

In any case these are some of the advantages that our MoonBackers applaud the most:

Record MoonBacks without the need to install an app or perform a complex configuration, even from a mobile or tablet.

Facilitate obtaining direct responses to a MoonBack.

Keep track in real-time and exactly how a MoonBack has been interacted with: accesses, reproductions, and percentage of reproduction, links, reactions, responses...

Truth be told... no.

With WhatsApp, you can record a video, send it and wait for that double blue check to light up. We won't be the ones to say that we don't like WhatsApp, but that's where the similarities end.

With MoonBack...

1. You will know at all times and in real-time what has happened with your MoonBack. You will know if it has been opened, played, which exact part of the MoonBack has been seen, how it has been interacted with if a link has been clicked...

2. Sharing it via WhatsApp is fine, but... What if your recipient prefers another channel? With MoonBack you can choose the most appropriate channel (LinkedIn, email, SMS...) Possibilities are endless

3. From your Control Center you will be able to consult and learn from all the information generated with your MoonBacks. Especially when there are several people using it within the same organization.

4. Your video will not take up space on your device.

5. Recording and launching your video becomes a much faster, agile, and simple process. Besides, you don't have to do it only with the camera of your cell phone.

And not only that. You will have the opportunity to establish a new two-way relationship model that challenges everything pre-established.

Don’t fake your interest. It is time to be super real

The protagonist of a MoonBack is you and your message. Everything else is just “bling-bling” that detract authenticity and realism to that message.

Edit a MoonBack? Spend your time to win over that customer, partner, or fan.

Fake backgrounds? Most of the time they are distracting and make the recipient wonder what is really behind them.

Cheap FXs and floating text on your video? We honestly believe that this planet doesn't need another Instagram, Tik Tok, or the like...

A MoonBack should be as exclusive as possible and reusing videos to communicate with the people you care about, is not the way to go.

It is also very possible that if you use a video hosted on an external service your MoonBack will end up with ads or references to other videos that will have nothing to do with getting a WOW.

With MoonBack you can communicate in a personal and direct way, with enormous impact but above all asynchronously.

This allows you to work in batches preparing your MoonBacks even during off-peak hours when your workload or your team's workload is low, and launch them when you feel it is the right time for your recipient.

MoonBack also provides a relationship model that does not disturb or interrupt your recipient. Once a MoonBack has been delivered, it can be opened and replayed at any time. Of course, from your side, you will always know what has happened to your MoonBack and how it has been interacted with.

83 seconds was the time that elapsed from the moment Apollo XI entered ignition and reached its maximum pressure point. Increasing the pressure just one more second would have meant the failure of the mission that took the man to the Moon for the first time.

83 seconds, is the exact time you must not exceed if you want your message to be effective. So choose very well what you want to transmit and let's go!

8 days, 3 hours, 18 minutes and 35 seconds was the time of the Apollo XI mission, the one that took man to the moon and back to Earth.

Yes, we know. We are hopelessly romantic ;-)

Hehe! To find out the answer we'll have to get to know each other a little bit better :-) We promise you that it will surprise you!