If you can launch it to another person,
this is not a MoonBack!

Don’t fake your interest with a stupid %name%
Love them to the Moon & Back creating something exclusive and full of value.

How to do it

After recording ask yourself:
Could I send this to someone else by simply changing the name?
If the answer is yes, you have recorded a video, not a MoonBack.


Break the rules!

A MoonBack is neither an email nor a demo.
It is a new way to build a relationship full of trust and confidence.

Don’t waste your time introducing yourself.

Start demonstrating that you really know them.

Don’t use selling language and structures.

Be the real you but always bearing in mind who is on the other side.

How to do it

Check out our list of examples and you will discover the MoonBack’s structure we recommend for numerous use cases.


Unique & memorable 4 seconds intro!

MoonBack helps you boost your opening and playback rates by displaying an animation of the first four seconds of your recording.

Make the most of it to show your recipient(s) that you have prepared this MoonBack exclusively for them.

How to do it

Show your cell phone / tablet with your recipient’s picture on it.

Use a whiteboard with their handwritten name and something personal.

Trace their company logo on a piece of paper.

Show a related object.


Do you have 1 minute?

I would like to meet you next Monday

Hi! My name is Ana. It’s great to… blabla

This is an amazing offer just for you!

(empty message)

Carol, Santi Pampillón was right!
This is the reason why we have
to meet each other…

🗓 Let’s talk! Calendly

Attach an exclusive, short text message to your MoonBack with at least one call to action

Remember that this message will be displayed below the preview of your MoonBack.

If you leave it blank you will be missing a golden opportunity to build trust and show that you really care about your recipients.

How to do it

Follow this pattern for your message:

Recipient’s name or group alias.

Exclusive, short message which generates intrigue and does not tell what you are going to tell them in the MoonBack.

Add at least one Smart Actions.

Do not add your contact information in the message. They are automatically added inside your customized signature.


There is no right channel…

Select the right channel for the right people and use case. In general:

Channels with quick response and follow-up (e.g., via chat) are the best today: LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, Teams…

Avoid email to reach people you don’t know.

An email with the best copy in the world will be opened by 15%.

An email without content will be opened by 15%.

An email with a 1M$ check will be opened by 15%.

Do you get it?

How to do it

Check out our list of examples and you will discover the suitable channel(s) for each use case.
For example, Linkedin is by far the best one for video prospecting.


Follow the rules of the channel you use…

It doesn’t matter if you launch a MoonBack or use any other service.
Following the rules and good practices of the chosen channel is a must!
If you do not do so, you run the risk of your message:

Never reaching its intended recipient.

Reaching your recipient but generating a very bad perception.

How to do it


Don’t send inMails! People will perceive you as someone who pays to cheat.

Don’t add a text note to any contact request. 95% of people never read them.

After pasting the MoonBack URL add a short text statement inside the LinkedIn chat.


Don’t paste the MoonBack’s link and send the email.

You need a complete message to avoid being flagged as spam.


I really love what your company is doing…

I would like to introduce you an amazing opportunity…

Do you know our product?

I suppose you are so busy…

I don’t want to interrupt you…

Don’t sell!

A MoonBack is not to sell…
It is to reach people out & engage them!
Your goal is to start a conversation and the consequence is to convert.

How to do it

Never use words or phrases with messages, texts or speeches that are associated with a commercial process.

Use a natural, super real language aligned with the recipient and its culture, status, country but always without losing the essence of who we are as a person and as a company.


Don’t beg!

Whenever you launch a MoonBack, do it to give an amazing value to your recipient.
If you beg, you show desperation and nobody likes desperate people.

How to do it

It doesn’t matter if it’s to remind a meeting, ask for a testimonial, do a followup…
Always add value to your message. For example:

Share interesting news or updates.

Give access to a report.

Summarize the rewards the recipient will get.


Keep it simple

Take down all the barriers to get conversions with just a… yes!

How to do it

Take advantage of Smart Actions to make it easier for your recipients to take any action: close a meeting, sign a proposal, fill a survey, pay for a product or service…


Always soft follow-ups!

There is no more powerful way to do a follow up than writing a “Hello” at the right time.

For example, when your recipient has just played your MoonBack in full.

Enough of going blindly writing messages that generate disruption and a bad image.

How to do it

Activate MoonBack’s web push and email notifications.

Take the most of our real time interaction register to exactly know when and how your recipients interact with your MoonBacks.

Write only a hi! or an emoji but always at the right time.

Let them chat if they want to and they can!


Have fun and be creative!

MoonBack is a new way to build relationships that convert.
There are no rules! It’s all to be done and defined.
Think out of the box and differentiate yourself.
But always taking into account who is on the other side.

How to do it

Leave aside all cliches, your own or other people’s prejudices and have fun creating MoonBacks that are a true 100% personal wow.

But always do it in a way that is totally focused on your objective and your target audience.

If laughter is not aligned with your mission, you are wasting your time.