October 2012

The beginning of our journey
minute by minute

Alex Dantart and Daniel Vecino met many years ago at an event where they were both speakers.

Deep down they always knew they would end up doing something together, but it took almost ten years for it to happen.

It all started in 2019 thinking about how to join customers, colleagues and fans.

The result was RoXperience, the business venture they both founded, which was the trigger for what came next.

10 Oct 2020 11.52h


Alex sent to Daniel through WhatsApp the link to what we would later refer to as the first MoonBack.

10 Oct 2020 13.32h

Check it out!

Alex shared with Daniel a short video showing what he programmed in a few hours to achieve that.

11 Oct 2020 13.27h

Burned croquettes

Daniel was cooking some croquettes that got burned while exchanging this conversation, which was key.

13 Oct 2020 17:16

First validation retrospective

Daniel completed the first tests in the real world requesting LinkedIn contacts with short videos. While Alex continued to build an ever more complete prototype in a record time.

18 Oct 2020 18.25h

To the Moon and Back

Brand name and main storytelling is defined. We are ready!

27 Oct 2020 19.39h

This is real

This is real! MoonBack time!