Discover MoonBack
and   get a WoW  

Reach people out is as difficult as
a journey to the Moon & Back.

Don't loose yourself in space.
  Record MoonBacks, not videos!  

A MoonBack is...


No filters, no effects, no screen capture,
no virtual backgrounds...

Just a one-shot video to earn people trust
with the real you.


MoonBacks opened


Up to 83 seconds with a unique and
memorable 4 seconds intro.

Get close at speed of light.

more than

MoonBacks fully playedback


Valuable one-to-one or one-to-group
video messages just for you!

Win people over and don’t be
like a falling star.

more than


Spammers and non-human sellers record videos.
People who care about people, MoonBacks!

Don’t fake your interest with a stupid %name%
Love me... to the Moon & Back!

They are all getting wows MoonBacking here...

  • Video prospecting
  • On-boarding
  • Polls
  • Reminding a meeting
  • Cross selling
  • Dynamize events
  • Presenting an proposal
  • News, updates & reports
  • Recruiting
Discover all examples...

How it works


One-click for recording exclusive,
short videos only with the real you,
neither a fake nor a screen capture.

From any browser & device.
No need for installations or apps.


Quick copy a link to your MoonBack
and paste it where your recipients are
They will enjoy it without sign-ups.

And of course launch a MoonBack
even through an email,
QR code or your own website.

Engage & Convert

Unlimited call to actions (links, polls, surveys, meetings, docs, clicks-to-buy…), emojis and several channels to be replied, even with a new MoonBack!

And again without sign-up or apps.

Track & Learn

+40 interaction KPIs in real-time &
amazing reports
unique visitors, accesses, plays,
% playback, clicks, emotions,
replies, shares...

Want to check our
CEO's Control Center?

We are so confident in our KPIs that we offer them to you publicly.

MoonBack for Enterprise

Unlimited MoonBacks
for your whole company

Pricing by success!   wow! 

Unlimited accounts, MoonBacks & replies.

Race mode: compare the KPIs of any MoonBacker

Corporate scorecard & reports

Corporate access to the MoonBacks of any account

Enterprise Command Post

Create & manage accounts

Group accounts by team, area, department...

Admins with unlimited hierarchical levels


Take the most of MoonBack
from the tools you already use

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